Wednesday, 9 September 2009

SEPT 7th

Sept 5th. This is the last blog. The ferry docked in Portsmouth this evening after 28 hours at sea. It was quite a different ship from the ferry I took from Livorno to Barcelona. That ship was smart - and that's all. This one has everything - on the one hand it is sensitive to the wildlife in The Bay of Biscay and I went to a presentation and found out a a lot about whales and dolphins and the seabed. Did you know that the English Channel is only 80 metres deep but that the seabed plunges away into the abyss as you enter the bay of Biscay - it's almost a sheer cliff down 5,000 metres. You could put the whole of Switzerland down there and you wouldn't see a thing! And the top deck is full of people with binoculars whale watching. Inside there are people playing bingo and showtime is scantily dressed girls singing all the hits. It was like Margate or Blackpool on a wet Sunday. And at 9.30pm we disembarked and for the first time sat nat misbehaved.

I am going to stay that night with Patrick in Southampton. Sat Nav says it's 22 miles and tells me to turn left. I do and find myself on the M275. Sat Nav immediately gets in a state - the arrows spin around and tell me to go go back but I can't do that so I keep going and leave at the next exit which is only a mile down the road - and now it's only 15 miles to Patrick's house. I think Sat Nav did it deliberately to save me going into the centre of Portsmouth and driving so many unnecessary miles. Cheeky thing! Such a joy to get to Patrick's house. The sad fact is I haven't spoken to anyone for a week and now I can bathe in his beautiful company. Bedtime.

September 6th and the ride from Southampton to Cambridge is a long one. 5 hours. Sat Nav is back on its best behaviour and we don't go on any motorways. I am familiar with the journey from Cambridge to Southampton but never on these little roads. I had no idea Hampshire was so beautiful. Got home just as it was getting dark and it feels like I left just yesterday.

Sept 7th and I go into the doctors surgery - just to say hallo and let them know I'm back safe and sound. The wall is covered in photos of me and Rosie. A hug from the doctor. A hug from the nurse. Emotions all at sea. And later today I have to go to Addenbrookes for a scan. 'Good luck,' said the doctor. And I said, 'It doesn't matter.' What a stupid thing to say! Of course it matters! Me and Rosie have got a long way to go!


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