Sunday, 26 July 2009

JULY 27th

Today's the day I take delivery of a bright red Vepsa with a Ferrari badge on the front. Would you believe this? There was not a new bright red vespa in the UK so Haywards in Cambridge ordered one from Italy but it never arrived when it should have so they got a silver one instead but they knew how important it was that it should be bright red, just like the one in the leaflet, so they are re-spraying the silver one and turning it into a red one! Ain't it good to know that you've got a friend! they're such nice people at Haywards and just crazy enough to find themselves supporting a madcap adventure like this. but they haven't stopped at resparing the scooter. Oh no! Tomorrow, if everything gets done on time then they're going to drive me and the scooter in a van to Peterborough in order to register the scooter with the DVLA office there. That makes me legal. (Guess who never got the insurance sorted out in time for all this to be done in the post? Yours truly has never bought a new vehicle before so this business about having to register a new vehicle has never happened to me before. That's my excuse.) Last thing is the weather forecast for July 27th. If I'm going to set off for Edinburgh (I'm leaving Edinburgh for Rome on August 4th so I've got to get to Edinburgh first and I've got 'A Funny Valentine' at The Byre Theatre in St. Andrews on July 29th and then again the Edinburgh Jazz Festival on July 31st, August 1st & 2nd - so I've got to leave tomorrow because it'll take two days to get to St Andrews. Anyway, if it all gets done in time and I get to set off from Peterborough sometime tomorrow afternoon on a scooter I have never sat on before - what'll I do if it's raining? At least it'll be legally registered and bright red with a Ferrari badge on the front! There will be no blog if I'm on the road. Oh I hope there will be no blog. But I'll blog you from St Andrews.

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