Sunday, 19 July 2009

JULY 18th

I am writing this blog in Perugia. No I haven't set off yet on the bright red Vespa. I wouldn't set off without telling you. I'm just having a few days off at the Umbria Jazz Festival where I hope to present 'A Funny Valentine,' our Chet Baker, show next year. Anyway I noticed the hotel does laundry and I was just wondering how to carry enough luggge for a month on the back of a little red Vespa so here's the plan: leave my washing here and fly home from the Jazz Festival empty handed. And then come back to Perugia in three weeks on the Vespa - it's on the way to Rome. By the time I get here I'll have a bag of dirty washing which I'll swap for my laundered clothes. And I'll do the same on the way back. Any suggestions about how I get that last piece of luggage back home. I did suggest to the hotel receptionist that I might come to Italy and visit my clothes once a year. She looked blankly at me. Maybe my Italian is not so good?

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