Tuesday, 11 August 2009

AUG 11th

Great sleep. Super breakfast. Thankyou Syd and Catriona.
Left Ecoivres late. What happened was... I discovered it was illegal to drive here without an insurance certificate and mine was in the drawer at home. So I called home and got Alex to e-mail it to Syd (thankyou Alex). But Syd's French printer will not communicate with his English computer so we went to the nearest town but there was no internet cafe. A friendly chap in a mobile phone shop let us use his computer and I stepped out of the shop clutching the bit of paper that says Rosie and me are legal. (The Vespa's called Rosie. Maybe I forgot to tell you.) I kissed the bride and we zoomed off together - south east. The sat nav has Dijon in mind. Arras and The Somme - graveyards. I took some pictures of fields of crosses above the remains of the young boys who ended their short lives here. I'm the one going on a big picnic and they hardly lived at all and now they're dying in Afghanistan. Doesn't it just break your heart? On the way to Reims and I'm in Champagne heading towards Burgundy. Getting dark and the only food I can find in Joinville is a pizzeria. Joinville's on the River Marne but just round the corner there's a canal and a lock and a grassy space where I'll sleep tonight.

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