Monday, 10 August 2009

AUG 4th

EDINBURGH. Last night Derek and Christine Hoy threw a big send off party for me and lots of friends turned up. The food and drink and music were just great. Derek and Christne festooned the Vespa in balloons and streamers. The wine was plentiful and I left the bike in their garden and got a taxi home. Had to get up early this morning to go and get the bike!

Set off from Edinburgh after a magnificent send off from Valvona & Crolla. Loads of friends came and we all had coffee and pastries. Ali and me talked a bit and performed a wee bit and we sold sweepstake tickets for the guesstimate on my total mileage!

The plan was to take two days to drive the 360 miles but I just wanted to sleep in my own bed so I drove all the way home. It took 12 hours. The sat nav is programmed to avoid motorways and I'm still trying to figure out why it dumped me at the top of the slip road for the A1M at Wetherby. I could't go there - not with L plates on! So I followed my nose to Leeds, Wakefield, and Doncaster.

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