Monday, 24 August 2009

AUG. 23rd

Aug 23rd. And it's Sunday. The lord ordained the sabbath as a day if rest and who is the poor mortal who dares to argue. Not me! As the great poet said, 'I ain't goin' nowhere.' And isn't that just a relief? I'm going to read all day and then cook my own dinner. I'll do my travelling in my head and won't think twice - it's alright.
'How My Heart Sings! That's the name of the book in front of me - a biography of the great jazz pianist, Bill Evans. And that's the problem he spent his life's work trying to solve. How to make a percussive instrument, whose sound naturally dies, sing. And did he suceed? Did he ever! Oh boy! And it is only now that I regret not bringing any music to listen to. I wanted to hear Italy, the grasshoppers, the capuccino machines, the hunting dogs barking in their cages at night, and not be imprisoned by earphones listening to a playlist. But in Rome I had a yearning for Mahler 9 and now I'd give anything for Bill Evans exploring 'Nardis' or celebrating 'Debbie's Waltz.'. Debbie, you lucky child, to have such a beautiful waltz. And while Dave Brubeck was mining all these crazy time signatures what does Bill Evans do? He writes a waltz! Jazz in 3/4. A small miracle! And when Miles Davis asked him to join the band - Bill Evans brought Chopin and Liszt with him and changed the history of music. And when black audiences gave him the 'silent treatment' he left. This is a huge story about one of the two great artforms America gave the world. And I bet you wished me and Rosie had gone somewhere interesting instead of me wandering about like this. But wait a minute! I've got to cook my supper yet.

And I bought pici - just like I had in the restaurant that first night. It's very thick spaghetti. Takes nearly half an hour to cook. No matter how long you cook it - it's always al dente. So you put the pasta on first. That gives you plenty time to prepare the tomatoes, onions,basil, and garlic. No wine tonight! And I reret that now too! No wine! No music! What's the matter with me? I set the table on the terrace and so please excuse me while I eat my dinner and wash it all down with a bottle of water.

Nothing else to drink! I've had enough of this nonsense. I'm going to the supermercato in the morning to stock up and right now I'm off to the bar for coffee and a grappa!

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  1. I have just added the book "How my hear sings" to my Amazon wishlist and I will try to buy it very soon! Best wishes from Germany! Michael