Monday, 10 August 2009

JULY 29th

Just arrived in St. Andrews, Fife after a long drive on the bright red Vespa. (thats a pic of me just arrived at a friend's house in St Andrews).
There was a hiccup with the insurance documents and another hiccup with a wee oil leak and I did't get on the road until 6pm. The was no realistic chance of reaching Edinburgh after such a late start but Jock, our technical manager said he'd drive from Edinburgh to the services at Scotch Corner. That's the kind of guy he is! When he called me at 1am he was near Newcastle and had 30 miles to go. I still had 50 miles to go so Jock just kept driving south and we met each other in the middle of nowhere somewhere near Ripon. Arrived Edinburgh 5am. Short sleep and then I set off for St. Andrews. We're doing 'A Funny Valentine' here tonight. Flying over the River Forth on the road bridge with the railway bridge on my left was a thrill forever. Have been showing off with the Vespa all afternoon. Incorrigable! But hey! Who else left Cambridge on a Vespa and arrived at The Byre Theatre in St. Andrews and played a gig? Yours truly, that's who!

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