Saturday, 29 August 2009

AUG 27th

Aug 27. Last day in Manciano and Umberto has invited me to join his parents at the swimming pools of the grand hotel where he works at the reception. I have to turn up at 3pm. It's still very warm but the clouds are gathering. It's dark and hot. No thunder. No rain. But thrilling bolts of lightning. The water is hot, full of sulphur, and the air is full of rotten eggs.

I took a picture so you could see the darkening sky over the swimming pool. Can you see the white bouys floating on the water? I have to swim under the ropes to reach the steps which is the only way out of the pool. I pulled myself under the dark sulphuric waters, made one mighty powerful butterfly stroke and knocked my head against the side of the pool. Just as well I'm not a very good swimmer otherwise I might have knocked myself out! And that's my haircut postponed for another day. The wind is getting up and I thought I'd better get me and Rosie home before it turns nasty. But nothing happens on the ground - the drama is all in the sky and when the sun goes down the clouds light up.

At midnight I couldn't tell you if it was cloudy or not but there are 14 stars twinkling and I am alone.

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